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All Hail the Dick Pic!  

LBReddy4 48M
1 berichten
27/5/2022 11:45 am
All Hail the Dick Pic!

Why are "dick pics" so polarizing? Ive noticed that women seem to either love dick pics or absolutely hate dick pics. There seems to be no middle ground when it comes to pics of male junk. It would seem to me, that dick pics would be welcomed by women and even encouraged, if for no other reason than, they eliminate valuable time being wasted on silly, meaningless dates. Ladies, think of how many times you have dated a guy for a few weeks or maybe months and finally its time for the clothes to come off and your guy's pants hit the floor, and.............so do your hopes of a great night of sex because between his legs hangs a thimble sized cock? Well not so much hangs, but protrudes. Or you immediately feel that Vlad the Impaler has been unleashed in your bedroom and your legs immediately slam shut as you think "oh hell no. Youre not coming at me with that thing." So ladies, embrace the dick pic with open uhhhh.....attitudes. And see the cock photo as yet another tool (pardon the pun), like a bank balance, or designer suit, or a bus ticket, that assists you in weeding through the countless swarms of horny men angling for your affection. Hail the dick pic!

AZBirdPerson 31M
3 berichten
30/5/2022 6:14 pm

Yeah, I've definitely noticed it's one of those things that's a total coin flip for each person--like being shaven or unshaven, direct or subtle, even smiling or not in pics! And of course it makes sense that everyone has their own tastes, but it makes it tough to present your best self when every choice that does it for some people is a major turn-off for others. Oh, the joys of courtship. lmao

There's a time and place for everything, and obviously nobody wants random unsolicited dick pics irl, but on this site I guess you just have to go with your gut and show the side of yourself for the kind of people you want to attract. 😛

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