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Random Thoughts and Musings
Welcome to my world!
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Which Countries Make the Best Specialty Porn
Gepost op:20 april 2022 4:12 pm
Laatste update:20 april 2022 5:12 pm
13463 Bezichtigingen
I want this to be a running list. I am going to start with my observations. Feel free to add your own in the comments.

Bukkake (my personal favorite) - Germany
Fisting - France
Dogging - UK
Public Groping - Japan
Prostitution - Thailand
Amature Orgies - Czech Republic
Anal (straight) - Russia
/Old - also Russia
BDSM - Netherlands
Gangbangs - Germany

Add more. Also, if you disagree with my input, please let me know why!

Photo credit: German Goo Girls
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Wait. What? You do FREE cam shows?
Gepost op:19 april 2022 1:17 pm
Laatste update:19 april 2022 2:43 pm
13548 Bezichtigingen
Yes! I absolutely do... with sound even! I am gonna show you almost every inch of my body, although I focus on the space between my legs most. You are going to get to see me touch and play the way I want to be touched and played with.... well, the best I can by myself anyway. I tease myself in hopes that it teases you. I will edge for a bit. You will see where I want your cock to be, in each hole. If we are lucky I will make myself cum multiple times. Perhaps I'll squirt for you! And I hope to high heaven that you cum, shooting hard, thinking of me cleaning it up with my mouth!

That's my show. That's what I do. I will never ask for money. There will be no paid "contests" for person cam to cam shows or a pair of used panties. I won't give you my Cash App information and I don't have a PO Box where you can send me things.

If you feel the need to give to me, I accept HotSwinger.nl Hot Swinger - Hot Swingers Dating gift certificates so I can maintain my Gold Membership so I can read your profile, IM with you, continue this blog, and continue to entertain you!
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Please don't tell me you are a Dom if you are not
Gepost op:19 april 2022 1:16 pm
Laatste update:4 december 2023 7:29 am
14241 Bezichtigingen

I understand that most people on this site are trying to find a quick, easy, "drama free", fuck and I appreciate that. I also understand that some of us have our own kinks or are kink curious. I believe we should all express that part of ourselves, try everything we fantasize about at least once if we can because, hey, we only live once and we have to make it the best life we can in all ways.

Some of us are looking for something specific, sometimes very specific. I happen to fall into that category. I am submissive and am looking for a Dom or an Alpha. I need that in my life for reasons that are my own. I also need a bit (or perhaps a lot, I am not sure yet) of BDSM. I would prefer to have someone who has experience in these areas as I am a bit new to the lifestyles and I feel that having someone who has had experience in this lifestyle would be to my benefit.

It is interesting to note how many men tell me they are Doms (Alpha) but when I ask very specific questions about their Dom (Alpha) boundaries or expectations, they cannot answer. An experienced Dom (Alpha) will be happy to answer the questions I ask because he knows the importance of they dynamics of power exchange, he understands that this type of relationship commands mutual respect and trust, which takes time to build. I think most of the people I talk to are looking for play partners where they can experience perhaps a bit or kink, whether they have tried that kink before or are just wanting to try something new. I don't think they understand that a Dom/sub (Alpha/beta) relationship takes a lot of patience and vetting to make sure you are choosing a partner with whom you find a connection (sexual and otherwise), your kinks match, your understand and can agree to each others expectations and boundaries, you want the same things in the type of relationship you are entering into (monogomous/polyamorus), etc. There is a lot involved in a Dom/sub, Alpha/beta, BDSM relationship and at the end of the day it means the sub (beta) is putting their safety in the hands of their Dom (Alpha). Building a solid foundation is key.

Gentlemen, please don't tell anyone you are a Dom (Alpha) if you are not. If you want to be or tend to have the characteristics, you can say that and build on it within your sexual relationship if you choose. If you are simply curious, say that. Honesty is always the best policy and it will certainly establish a trust base necessary for a Dom/sub, Alpha/beta or BDSM relationship.
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Porn Fatigue
Gepost op:19 april 2022 1:15 pm
Laatste update:20 april 2022 7:59 am
18052 Bezichtigingen

I am tired of porn. All of it. There is nothing I can watch anymore that I can find new or the least bit arousing. Apparently I have watched too much of it and I have come down with a case of what I am calling "Porn Fatigue". I have to wonder if this happens to everyone who watches a lot of porn and, if so, what they are doing about it. As for myself, I will be giving it a break for a bit. Perhaps when I decide that I have had a long enough break I will find something fresh enough to not be bored by.
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Why I do cam shows & why I rarely watch others
Gepost op:19 april 2022 1:13 pm
Laatste update:4 december 2023 7:29 am
16096 Bezichtigingen

Hello. If you are here I am going to assume you have seen at least one of my cam shows. If you have not, you are missing out and it might be worth your while to catch one.

Why do I do cam shows? I am a very sexual creature and obviously I am an exhibitionist! From the moment I started having sexual stirrings I have wanted to show that side of myself. I have wanted to tease men, make them want what I have and what I can do for them.

That said, I am also naturally submissive. I very much enjoy being told what to do in the bedroom and exactly how to do it. I revel in a bit of BDSM, ie. being bound somehow (whether to myself or to the bed), sensation play, pain, being pushed to new limits.

There is great juxtaposition in being both an exhibitionist and submissive. In one circumstance I feel a sense of power, in the other I give my power away. I think that is my Gemini nature, duality.

This leads us to the cam shows. Obviously I get to exercise my exhibitionist disposition, but I also get to take cues from you on what you want to see, what I should do with myself. So I get both of my natures fulfilled and hopefully I am fulfilling some of your desires!

Why I rarely watch others or cam with others. Many reasons.

I get off on audio as well as a visual, maybe even moreso. I get off on hearing a man moan and groan and pant, just as much as men love it when I am moaning and groaning and panting. Most men do not leave their audio on for some reason. I am not sure why (if someone could explain this, I would be most appreciative). When the audio is on (or in homemade porn clips) when men are masturbating and being verbal, they don't really do a lot of dirty talk even when they think they are. You see, we know how horny you are or you wouldn't be doing this. I can see how hard your dick is, I don't need to hear that over and over. And asking me if I want your dick is also a given... I wouldn't be watching if I didn't. That is usually it for the dirty talk. Personally, I need more. I want the same thing you want out of a c2c or phone situation; I want to be told what you want me to do, what you are doing to me, how it feels, etc. And I want to be called your cumslut or cumwhore. I want you to be nasty, just like I would if we were face to face. It gets me off. I cannot do all the work in getting you off on my cam shows and then also do all the work on getting you off on a c2c or phone session. So, this is why it rarely happens.

All that being said, I will cam and get us both off and save the person to person for a flesh to flesh situation which will also get us both off!
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